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Project Description

A project to teach school children computer programming has had an encouraging start, with students of a rural school demonstrating their skills by developing innovative and useful applications in just three months, the project’s promoter, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon reports.

Students of the Rajasinghe Vidyalaya, Hanwellaparticipated in afoundation course in computer programming under a pilot project in coding presented by the Commercial Bank in collaboration with the STEMUp Education Foundation. The course was conducted with the help of BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology, which allows students to express themselves digitally.

STEMUp Foundation organised a coding competition during the course, encouraging students of the school to create coded, real-world applications in groups. A panel of judges consisting of IT undergraduates of the Moratuwa University assessed the products of the five groups that competed and selected winners on the basis of innovative thought and usability of the applications.

Media Coverage

ComBank’s project for computer coding in schools off to a great start

ComBank’s project for computer coding in schools off to a great start

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