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Project Description

Micro:bit is the best device which can lay the foundation of IoT. As an organization which is always focusing on majority of students in the country, we have realized that still majority of students do not have access to it due to micro:bit device price tag. We believe that “Micro:bit in Libraries” project will be helpful to bridge that gap. Registered members of a particular library will able to borrow a micro:bit, explore it and use it and return after a certain number of days. We have volunteers from all over the country. They will maintain a good relationship with those libraries to make sure the program is running smoothly.
In parallel to our 1st year anniversary celebration, we launch “Micro:bit in Libraries” as a pilot project at Public Library, Colombo 07 and Gampaha Public Library. Now all library members can borrow micro:bit library pack which consists of a Micro:bit starter kit and a quick start guide booklet. This booklet has many out of the box activities. The library staff have trained, and a separate log book is being maintained by the staff. And we are continuing this project island wide.

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